Place for your events

Are you looking for an event venue? “Lingės” area is a perfect place to hold a conference or celebrate weddings, birthdays, christenings and other special days.

We will help you organize an unforgettable event or party!


"Lingės" area offers two spaces for the events. The first one – a bright and spacious ballroom for up to 80 guests. A ballroom has huge windows overlooking the second space – an apple garden. During the warm season, we can organize an event (or part of it) in this beautiful garden.


We will take care of:
Furniture for the event;
Music equipment;
Drinks and food;
At your request, we can cook BBQ ribs on the outdoor grill.


After an event, stay at our cozy five-room guest house "Lingės".
Surprise your guests with fun activities such as:
Beach volleyball courts
Outdoor & indoor swimming pools, sauna 
Visiting the alpacas Travis & Sniegas